What is the history of Antioch in Pisidia?

Antioch in Pisidia, also known as Antioch of Pisidia or simply Pisidian Antioch, was an ancient city located in what is now Turkey. It was founded by the Seleucid king Antiochus II in the 3rd century BC as a military colony and a center for Greek culture. The city was situated in the region of Pisidia, which was part of the larger Roman province of Galatia.

In the 1st century AD, Pisidian Antioch became an important center for the spread of Christianity. The apostle Paul visited the city on his first missionary journey and delivered a famous sermon in the synagogue there (Acts 13:14-51). The city also became one of the earliest Christian bishoprics.

In the Byzantine period, Antioch in Pisidia was an important center of Christianity and a bishopric seat. However, with the Arab invasions, the city’s importance declined and it was abandoned in the medieval period.

Archaeological excavations have revealed many remains of the ancient city, including a theater, a basilica, and a number of inscriptions, many of which are related to the early Christian community.

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