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Is all USPS mail scanned and saved?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) scans and records certain information about mail as it moves through the postal system. This is done to track the location of mail and to improve efficiency in the delivery process. However, not all USPS mail is scanned and saved. The extent to which mail is scanned and recorded can vary depending on the type of mail, the location it is being sent from and to, and other factors.

For example, First-Class Mail and Priority Mail are typically scanned at multiple points during their journey, while Standard Mail may not be scanned as frequently. Additionally, certain types of mail, such as Parcel Select, may not be scanned at all. The USPS also has a program called “Informed Delivery” which allows customers to digitally preview their mail and track packages before they are delivered, but this service is optional and not all mail is included in this program.

It’s important to note that the USPS is bound by law to protect the privacy of the mail and that the information collected through scanning is used solely for the purpose of tracking and improving the efficiency of mail delivery.

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