How do I show social media links on WordPress?

There are several ways to display social media links on a WordPress website:
  1. Use a plugin: There are many social media plugins available for WordPress that allow you to easily add links to your social media profiles, such as Social Media Icons Widget, Simple Social Icons, and Social Media Feather.
  2. Use a widget: Many WordPress themes come with built-in social media widgets that you can add to your site’s sidebar or footer.
  3. Use a menu: You can also add social media links to your site’s menu by creating a new menu item for each social media profile and linking it to the appropriate URL.
  4. Hard coding: You can also add social media links by hard coding them into your theme’s template files using HTML and CSS.
  5. Customize your theme: Some of the WordPress theme has social media link options in the theme customizer, you can add your social media links in those options.
  6. Use a page builder: Some page builders, like Elementor, have options to add social media links with the help of widgets or shortcodes.

You can choose the method that best fits your needs and technical skill level.

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