HIstory of P-22

When people think of Los Angeles, they often think of the Hollywood Hills or the bustling city life. Most people don’t think of the wildlife that inhabits the city; however, the Los Angeles area is home to many wild animals, including the famous mountain lion P-22. The story of P-22 is one that is filled with mystery, adventure, and hope. Let’s explore the history of P-22, his journey to Los Angeles, and his legacy.

The Story of P-22

Early Life

Like many mountain lions, P-22 had a difficult early life. He was born as part of a litter of three in the Santa Monica Mountains. This area is home to many other mountain lions, but P-22 quickly stood out as a leader. He was a fearless and curious cub who often ventured away from his family.

Journey to Los Angeles

At some point in his early life, P-22 set off on an incredible journey. He traveled over 30 miles over highways, busy streets and through neighborhoods to get to his new home in Griffith Park, Los Angeles. This journey is not only amazing, but also incredibly dangerous. The fact that he survived and reached his destination is an incredible feat.

The Life of P-22 in Los Angeles

Home Range

Once he arrived in Los Angeles, P-22 established his home range in Griffith Park. This park is one of the busiest parks in the United States. Despite the crowds, P-22 managed to establish himself as the king of the park. He was able to find the perfect balance of avoiding people and claiming his territory.


P-22 has a very diverse diet. He is known to hunt anything from birds and small mammals to deer and coyotes. He has also been known to scavenge for food in the park when necessary. His ability to adapt to his surroundings and find food is a testament to his strength and resourcefulness.

Interactions With Humans

Despite living in a heavily populated area, P-22 has managed to avoid direct contact with humans. He has been spotted in the park, but only from a distance. He has never attacked a person or shown any aggression towards them. His ability to avoid people and stay hidden is a testament to his survival instincts.

The Legacy of P-22

His Impact on Wildlife Conservation

Since arriving in Los Angeles, P-22 has become a symbol of hope for wildlife conservationists. He has become an ambassador for his species and has helped raise awareness of the importance of preserving habitat. He has also been an inspiration for other mountain lions to make the same journey and find their place in the city.

His Impact on the City of Los Angeles

Additionally, P-22 has also become a symbol of Los Angeles. He has become an iconic figure in the city and has captured the hearts of many Angelenos. His story is proof that nature can still thrive in urban environments, even in the most populated cities.


The story of P-22 is one of mystery and adventure. From his early life to his incredible journey to Los Angeles, P-22 is an amazing example of strength and perseverance. He has also become a symbol of hope for wildlife conservation and a source of pride for the city of Los Angeles. P-22’s legacy is one that will never be forgotten.

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